What is the Brown Dress Project?

This blog and other associated ventures strives to share the following from the Orthodox Christian faith:

  • Lives of women saints
  • How to survive and thrive in the midst of dramatic life changes
  • Creativity as a means towards holiness

Why a ‘Brown Dress’?

St. Marcella and her compatriot Christian widows and young women adopted a plain manner of dress, in contrast to the sumptuous clothing their patrician status demanded. This group became known as the ‘Brown Dress Society’ in Rome. The 300-400s AD were the formation period of monasticism in the Church. Repeatedly in hagiography, women and men were noted to have shunned ‘costly array’ when they entered a celibate life, dedicated to Christ.

The idea for using the brown dress as a symbol for this blog is the universality of a simple article of clothing for women. Wearing practical clothing communicates to others that we are equals.

Put your hair up and your work clothes on, because life is messy! We all know this to be true. I hope to communicate with all my readers in the way I show hospitality in my home – make sure everyone is fed and welcomed.

About the Author

Courtesy Pelikan Portraits

Anna Cory Neill is a historian, librarian, teacher, and most importantly, a Godmama, who works out her salvation within the mission parish of St. Raphael of Brooklyn (Antiochian), in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.